What We Do

Alpha Solar Planet is a German supplier of high quality photovoltaic modules. We offer modules of several types and series: mono- and polycrystalline, large cell, half cell, shingled, bifacial, PERC and more.

Our Strategy

Alpha Solar Planet is a German company. We are governed by German law, our products are designed in Germany, but assembled in China.

Although Germany is the pioneer in photovoltaic technology, we decided not to produce our modules in our country. The reason is simple: China is unbeatable in terms of cost. If manufactured in Germany, production costs would be excessively higher.

However, this is not necessarily a disadvantage if you keep an eye on the product quality. And this is what we do by using only raw materials as well as components of highest quality from reputable, reliable suppliers. The highly automated production process of our modules, which have been tested by the German technical inspection authority (TÜV), is subject to strict quality management under German standards.

With this strategy, we can offer high-performance products of German quality at reasonable prices.

Price vs. Quality

The market of photovoltaics is a very dynamic market and prices are decreasing almost continuously. This creates an environment of tough price competition. But in the end, this price battle certainly is at the expense of the product quality. The consequences are low performance of modules, less resistance and durability, hidden damage such as micro cracks, PID and so on and so forth.

The philosophy of Alpha Solar Planet, however, is to follow our German tradition and differentiate ourselves by offering high quality and high performance products without compromises. And in the end, quality is the aspect which makes the investment reliable, durable and more profitable. 

Our Background

Alpha Solar Planet is a young brand. But our background is strong!

We are a spin-off of a very reputable German manufacturer with a long history and extensive experience. With this company, we stay in close cooperation and strong alliance. With their R&D also based in Germany, our partner collaborates closely with famous German research institutes such as Fraunhofer and TÜV.

Thanks to this strong partnership, in combination with our lean organization, we can offer quality, reliability and security at a reasonable price.

That’s what Alpha Solar Planet stands for. Enjoy the quality difference.