Quality, Diligence and Durability

Alpha Solar Planet offers quality, diligence and durability at a reasonable price – thanks to our strategy, that’s no contradiction!
Our lean and efficient company structure as well as our high quality requirements enable us to combine the advantages of both worlds: high-quality products according to German standards at reasonable prices. With this in mind, we always focus on our values: quality, diligence and durability.

  • Quality – high-grade raw materials, modern production technology and high standards result in first-class products.
  • Diligence – from contract conclusion to production and order processing; we attach great importance to diligence, reliability and good communication.
  • Durability – high-quality products are characterized by reliability and durability. Nothing less is our promise.

Alpha Solar Planet – Enjoy the quality difference!

Our MonoPower Large Half Cells Modules

The ASP MonoPower Large Half Cells module is our leader in terms of efficiency. It combines PERC (Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell) with half cell technology (doubling the number of cells, which leads to a lower internal cell resistance). Hereby, this module reaches cutting-the-edge efficiency and output values, which makes it the high performer in our portfolio.

Convince yourself and enjoy the quality difference.


  • Maximized efficiency
  • Strong in diffuse and low light
  • For small, medium and large plants
  • Power range up to 545 Wp
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